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Self-portrait (August 2003)

Michael A. Ivanov

Welcome to my page!

My full name in Russian is Михаил Анисимович Иванов.  I was born in the Mogilev region of Belarus on 6 February 1948. From 1961, I live in Minsk. I learned physics at the Belarus State University, and graduated from it in 1972. After it, I was a researcher at the Research Institute for Applied Physics Problems of this university during the next 22 years. From 1994, I work as an educator at the Belarus State University of Info and Radioelectronics. I have received my Ph.D. degree from the Belarus State University in 1982.
My courses are in General Physics for students of the first two years (usually three Therms) of the Belarus State University of Info and Radioelectronics: Mechanics and Thermodynamics; Electrodynamics and Optics; Quantum Physics.

This page dublicates the main content of my home page ivanovma.narod.ru ; I have created it to avoid hoster’s external banner ads.

Created: 11 August 2016
Last modified: 2 May 2017